Guest Preacher

Weaver’s use of humor and spirituality captivates his listeners.   He conveys the Jesus message in a compelling and inspiring manner.  Lee masterfully demonstrates the invaluable role Christian values play in enriching our day-to-day lives. 

Lee Weaver is a consummate communicator of the Christian Gospel, whether using the preached word or the word dramatized. His pastoral ministry has always been accompanied by discipleship and membership growth.

     _Roger Swanson, Director of Operation, Evangelization, Florida Conference, UMC

David and Goliath
Take a Christ-centered journey back to the valley where David did battle with Goliath.   Share the excitement as David arms himself with” five smooth stones” from the Wadi. Since David was properly armed, literally and spiritually, he was able to defeat the giant.  As Goliath falls, Weaver has you laughing, crying and recommitting your life to Jesus.   Armed with “five smooth stones” you too can victoriously fight life’s battles.

How to Get to Heaven
To Get to Heaven:  Stop, Look and Listen!    Learn to make this “safe crossing” just as children do at a busy intersection.   Lee Weaver addresses the preparations Christians must make for a safe crossing.  Lee understands your faith, your fears and your questions.   He masterfully combines spirituality and humor with common sense so you will know “How to Get to Heaven.”

Boats Full of Fish

Weaver provides a Christ-centered message on boating and fishing.  After Peter and the others have fished all night, with nary a fish to show, Jesus instructs — “cast your nets to the other (right) side of the boat”. Lee continues with an unforgettable discourse on left/right and right/wrong. While life’s questions may seem complex, often the simplest answer is the most correct (Occam’s Razor).  Do the right thing and keep it simple, sweetheart!

The Christmas Express

Christmas has become synonymous with stress — shopping, cooking, planning, worrying, more shopping, and decorations.  Each year, the season begins earlier and earlier with promotions and window displays well before Thanksgiving. If we slow down the Christmas Season, we might come to terms with the real meaning of Christmas.  Weaver, with great humor, takes you inside the Christmas Tree for a better understanding of this special Holy Day.