Lee Weaver

Lee Weaver’s Biography

For over 34 years, thousands have been inspired by Lee Weaver’s powerful presentations.  Lee shares exciting Christ-centered preaching and dramatic monologues to diverse groups throughout the United States. No matter the venue — pulpit, auditorium, radio, stage or television — people are captivated by his unique blend of spirituality with intellect, wit and insight.

Lee’s preaching and acting credentials are strong. From 1995 to 1997, he was the opening preacher for the Sunday Summer Services in the 7,000 seat Great Auditorium at Ocean Grove, New Jersey.  In this magnificent venue, Weaver also coordinated the music for the annual Dixieland Worship Service featuring The Wooster Street Trolley Jazz Band and Tony Campolo preaching.

For a decade, New Yorkers watched his weekly Sunday broadcast that always began with “I had a good week” followed by insightful messages.  At New Jersey WERA, Lee and his wife Nanette co-hosted the morning radio talk show covering topics of the day ranging from sports to politics.  Weaver is a veteran of both the dramatic and musical theater receiving acclaim for his starring roles.

With his background and talent, Weaver is the perfect choice for your Sunday Morning Service, Revival, Fundraiser, Motivational Speech and Evangelistic Event.  Lee wondrously combines preaching with performing to create a compelling and memorable experience.

Lee Weaver has a wonderful gift of bringing Biblical personalities to life.  His portrayals make these giants of faith vivid to us today as we endeavor to build a Christ-like world.
James R. King, Jr., Bishop, the South Georgia Area, UMC