Peter,The Fisherman: the excitement of Easter and Pentecost

Lee Weaver as Peter

Walking by the Sea of Galilee, the hulking frame of the Big Fisherman shelters you from a stiff wind blowing ashore. Join Peter on his journey to spread the Good News. Through plain spoken and humorous language, Peter recalls his calling to discipleship. In awe, he shares many sacred moments: the miraculous Healings of Jesus, his own Confession of Faith, the Transfiguration, his Denial and the Crucifixion. Peter urges the audience to share his joy at the Empty Tomb and hear the news of the Resurrection.

Peter has the hands of a fisherman — strong and calloused. Into these very hands, his Master entrusted the Keys to the Kingdom. As Peter disappears up the shore, you understand Jesus’ trust in him — “You are Peter, and on this Rock I will build my church.”





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